Hardware Warranty Guide

Version 2.0 - Updated August 31, 2016 

The following describes the hardware warranty process for Vivonet customers, including both Advanced Exchange Replacement Warranty and Depot Warranty. Please consult this page/document for the most current version as procedures are subject to change without notice.

Advanced Exchange Replacement Warranty Process

    1. Customer contacts Vivonet Support to report issue.
    2. Vivonet opens a case with vendor partner.
    3. Vendor partner will ship a functionally equivalent piece of hardware to the customer on the same day using an overnight shipping method. A return label for the defective terminal will also be provided.
      • Case must be logged prior to 4:00pm EST in order to qualify for same day return shipping.
    4. Customer to ship defective hardware within 15 days with enclosed shipping label and instructions.
      • If defective hardware is not returned within 15 business days in accordance with this process, the vendor will bill Vivonet for a new hardware and Vivonet will bill the customer. By shipping the hardware for repair/replacement, Customer agrees to pay Vivonet’s bill in accordance with its terms.

    Manufacturer generally warrant their hardware to be free of defects in materials or workmanship, under normal use, for a specified period. The warranty excludes damage resulting from: (i) improper care or handling (including, without limitation, proximity to moisture or heat), (ii) accidents, (iii) unauthorized repairs or modifications, (iv) normal use, or (v) other causes which are not defects in materials or workmanship of the product.  This applies to both the Depot Warranty and the Advanced Exchange warranty.   

    Any hardware returned to the vendor which is not covered under the warranty either because the warranty period has expired or because the damage did not result from a defect in material or workmanship, will be subject to a repair or replacement fee.  By shipping the hardware, customer agrees to pay to Vivonet any charges billed to Vivonet by the vendor.  For examples of the types of damage that are not covered under warranty, see Physical and Accidental Damage section below.

The Advanced Exchange Replacement Warranty is available for the following products and duration: 

Screen_Shot_2016-08-31_at_1.47.52_PM.png*The warranty period starts the day the product is shipped from the vendor’s warehouse

Depot Warranty Process:

  1. Customer Calls Vivonet Support
  2. Vivonet creates an internal case and logs a case number with the appropriate vendor partner to obtain RMA #.
    • This process typically takes 4 – 24 hours.
  3. Vivonet contacts the customer with shipping details (RMA # and shipping address).
    • Customer is responsible for shipping the defective hardware to the vendor.
  4. Vendor repairs product
    • 4-6 week timeframe depending on vendor
  5. Repaired product is shipped back to customer via ground delivery at vendors expense
    • In some cases where terminals need to be re-imaged, Vivonet will ask the vendor to ship the hardware to Vivonet for imaging and resend to the customer.

Physical Damage or Accidental Damage:

  • Normal wear and tear; change in color, texture, or finish; gradual deterioration; rust; dust; or corrosion
  • Vandalism, fire, a vehicular or homeowner’s accident, act of God (such as flood, natural disaster), or any other peril originating from outside the product.
  • Damage due to police action, undeclared or declared war, nuclear incident, or terrorism.
  • Exposure to weather conditions or environmental conditions that are outside of Vendor specifications, exposure to hazardous (including bio-hazardous or human or animal bodily fluids) materials, animal or insect damage or infestation.
  • Operator negligence, misuse, mishandling (dropping or spilling liquid on hardware).
  • Improper electrical power supply, unauthorized repairs or attempts to repair
  • Unauthorized equipment modifications, attachments or installation, defective batteries, battery leakage, lack of manufacturer-specified maintenance (including the use of inappropriate cleansers).
  • Maintenance, repair, or replacement necessitated by loss or damage resulting from any cause other than normal use, storage, and operation of the product in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and owner’s manual
  • Theft, loss, mysterious disappearance, or misplacement
  • Accidental or other damage to the product that is cosmetic in nature, meaning damage that does not impact operation and functioning of the computer, including damage to case or cabinetry or other non-operating parts or components which does not affect the functionality of the Covered Product.
  • Computer monitor screen imperfections including, but not limited to, ‘burn-in’ and missing pixels, caused by normal use and operation of the product
  • Damage to product(s) whose serial numbers are removed or altered
  • Damage to hardware, software, media, data, etc., stemming from causes including, but not limited to, viruses; application programs; network programs; upgrades; formatting of any kind; databases; files; drivers; source code; object code or proprietary data; any support,
  • configuration, installation or reinstallation of any software or data; or use of damaged or defective media
  • Alteration or modification of the Covered Product in any way
  • Reckless, negligent, abusive, willful, or intentional conduct while handling or using the product. Abuse is defined as the intentional non-utilization of protective items during product use, or the treatment and use of the Covered Product(s) in a harmful, injurious, or offensive manner that may result in its damage, and any willful or intentional damage to the product.

Depot vs. Advanced Exchange Replacement Warranty


*the warranty period starts the day the product is shipped from the vendor’s warehouse