Cloud-based technology pioneers since 2000

Vivonet has made connections, nurtured partnerships, and has been on the cutting edge of insights-driven technology for the hospitality industry since the dawn of the century. That's how the powerful Vivonet Cloud Platform was born.

What is the Vivonet Cloud Platform?

The Vivonet Cloud Platform is an advanced ecosystem of hardware and SaaS integrations that transforms raw fragmented data into clear, unified, and actionable intelligence for growth-driven multi-location hospitality businesses. We're powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer secure, stable and scalable solutions that meet the needs of customer-centric hospitality organizations.

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 Scale into the future with the Vivonet Cloud Platform


Be more agile in the cloud.

With your data in the cloud, it's accessible via the internet from anywhere; an in-store terminal, a laptop at home, a mobile device on the go. You'll always have your finger on the pulse.


Track your data from any location wherever you are. Whether its at a terminal using Enterprise Manager or on the go using Mobile Insights, The Vivonet Cloud Platform keeps you connected.


Act on live data the second it comes in. The data you'll get through loyalty integrations, Enterprise Manager, or Empower Reporting Suite reports is in real-time. From there, acting on what your data is telling you is easy.


Get the newest updates are applied instantly. You don't have to worry about keeping up to date on the latest versions of software. Vivonet will provide the updates for you.

Stable & Secure

Be sure about your data.

The Vivonet Cloud Platform is PCI compliant and consistently supported. You can rely on its safety and dependability at any time of day or night for maximum peace of mind.


Get to your data whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you're tracking consumer behaviour, examining incoming operations data, or gathering business intelligence, The Vivonet Cloud Platform is designed to be ready when you are.


Concentrate on your business strategy, not your system's integrity. With Vivonet, you can rely on the data you're seeing and you're empowered to act on it without worrying about your system's integrity. It's Vivonet's mission to take care of that side of things on your behalf. 


Be assured that your incoming data is in good hands yours. We know that protected information is vital to your success. That's why we make safety a priority at every stage.

Detailed insights

Be strategic with increased intelligence.

Whether it's high-level awareness or granular analysis, The Vivonet Cloud Platform is designed for you to build an informed strategy you can implement right away.


Find the patterns in your data quickly and easily. From sales reports, to forecasting, to food costs, and labor scheduling optimization, listening and acting on what your data is telling you faster and more efficiently is what The Vivonet Cloud Platform is all about.


Make decisions based on real-world proof provided by your data. Enterprise Manager and Enterprise Insights reporting are the vital tools you'll have under your belt to sharpen your strategies based on what's really happening in your business. Success is the next step.


Share your insights using a wide range of reporting options. The Vivonet Cloud Platform provides the tools you need to create cohesion and better communications between teams. Clean and clear data helps you to achieve unity of purpose.

Seamless Integrations

Be more flexible with third-party products

A platform that is integrated with popular and emerging applications and products is a must-have. Vivonet has built relationships with leading technology providers so that integrations with your system are completely seamless.


Incorporate other systems and products into yours without service gaps. The Vivonet Cloud Platform is designed to be inclusive of as many technologies as are needed creating vital continuity for an omnichannel experience. From loyalty applications, to payment processing partners, to hardware, integrating useful functionality makes for a robust, scalable tech ecosystem.


Easily manage operations that pull in data from various sources. No matter where it's sourced, useful data is useful data. The Vivonet Cloud Platform brings it all together for you to give you a fuller picture on what all of your data is telling you about your business.


Widen your service scope with existing offerings that customers want; a seamless and inclusive experience. Functionality and flexibility is yours wiith a platform that allows for the applications that customers are looking for to help them connect to brands, large and small, and to the rewards that keep them coming back. 

Simple & Easy

Be faster and more accurate on every level.

The Vivonet Cloud Platform makes operations easy and intuitive for everyone; staff members, corporate management, and consumers alike. This means that everyone can get up to speed fast.

Fast and Accurate

Process more payments more accurately. The Vivonet Cloud POS connected to KDS and to Enterprise Manager not only means cleaner and more immediate data. It means faster order processing that is also more accurate. In short, it holds the potential to significantly advance your business goals.


Remove friction from every transaction with fewer errors, and fewer delays. The Vivonet Cloud Platform is about making it easier to do business by simplifying processes in the present so that you can concentrate on growth for the future.


Translate transactions into strategy with intuitive reporting interfaces. Using products like Enterprise Insights to turn incoming data into a plan of action helps you gain the clarity you need to grow your business, and to create a vision for success with your teams.

An Open Platform for Any Integration

The Vivonet Cloud Platform allows for integrations with numerous technology partners for maximum flexibility and scalability. And our system is compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data and Securities Standards.


Be Ready For Growth

Whether you're seeking to engage customers more effectively, empower your staff for smoother operations, or increase your business intelligence in all of your enterprise-level locations, The Vivonet Platform helps you create a stable, safe, and scalable technology ecosystem. Discover how you can transform your technology infrastructure to meet your specific business goals.

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