What Is The Vivonet Cloud Platform?


SaaS platform for greater agility in an evolving industry.

The Vivonet Cloud Platform is SaaS-based, helping organizations draw critical business data together from various sources more easily, including POS, kiosk, enterprise management tools, loyalty and payment integrations, and more.

This gives hospitality industry business leaders a fuller, more meaningful picture of their data in real time. That means faster, more incisive action, and greater momentum for present and future growth.


Stable & Secure

For more certainty in your data’s integrity.

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), The Vivonet Cloud Platform is designed to keep your data secure and available to you.

Our platform is structured with strict security standards in place to ensure the safety of your business data. From there, you can trust in it as the key to building your business securely, and with greater confidence.



For more proactive strategy at every level.

The Vivonet Cloud Platform allows you to see sales, food costs, waste, labor costs, and inventory in real time, and as a complete picture.

You are then free to take action to access, understand, share, and create effective strategies in real time anywhere. With our platform, you can take quick action to gain real results whether on the desktop or on the move with a mobile device.


Seamless & Scalable

For greater adaptability to third-party applications.

The Vivonet Cloud Platform is designed to be inclusive of as many technologies as are needed to create vital continuity for an omnichannel experience.

From loyalty applications, to payment processing partners, to hardware, integrating useful functionality makes for a robust, scalable tech ecosystem. Wherever technology takes the industry in the future, your organization will be ready.


Simple & Efficient

For more streamlined operations.

The Vivonet Cloud Platform simplifies operational processes in the present so that you can concentrate on growth for the future.

This is thanks to its nature as a tech ecosystem that connects processes together to make it easier for staff to create a great guest experience every day. It also serves organizations at the corporate level, making decision-making simple based on real-time data.


An Open Platform for Any Integration

The Vivonet Cloud Platform allows for integrations with numerous technology partners for maximum flexibility and scalability. And our system is compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data and Securities Standards.


Be Ready For Growth

Whether you're seeking to engage customers more effectively, empower your staff for smoother operations, or increase your business intelligence in all of your enterprise-level locations, the Vivonet Cloud Platform helps you create a stable, safe, and scalable technology ecosystem. Discover how you can transform your technology infrastructure to meet your specific business goals.

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