Vivonet Payment Solutions

Offering customers a wide range of payment types, while also integrating specialty payment options to suit specific food services locations. Let us show you the payment processing solutions that increase convenience and security for consumers.

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Making It Easier to Pay

Vivonet knows the ins and outs of payment processing, continuing to build strong relationships with some of the most recognized names in the industry. Designed for a wide spectrum of locations, from QSRs, to hospital cafeterias, to school dining halls, Vivonet's Payment Processing Integration can serve them all. Credit and debit transactions are frictionless for the customer.

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PCI compliance and P2P encryption

All integrations are PCI compliant payment processing partners featuring P2P encryption for utmost security.


Meal plan and payroll functionality

Vivonet payment processing can be seamlessly integrated with existing meal plans and employee payroll programs.


Multiple customer payment options

Credit, debit, gift cards, and other related loyalty cards all processed with frictionless ease for the customer.

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Pin pad hardware compatibility

Vivonet payment processing integration applies to hardware too, with multiple options for pin pads and other peripherals.

Engage Your Customers With The Vivonet Cloud Platform

Talk to us about ways to use the cloud to improve customer experience, increase customer order volume, and build your brand using cloud-based technology.