Vivonet Loyalty Solutions

Connecting customers with loyalty programs to incent return visits through rewards and payment flexibility. Talk to us about the kinds of loyalty integrations that can transform customer engagement and behavior analytics of current customers and new customers, too.

Give Customers Even More Reason To Return

Loyalty programs and applications are potent ways to create connections with customers. Partnering with industry leaders like AppCard, DataCandy, and ValueTec, The Vivonet Cloud Platform incorporates their functionality seamlessly.

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Loyalty Industry Partnerships

Vivonet has built lasting partnerships with recognized applications and programs for maximum rewards potential


Control and Security

Loyalty integrations are designed for security, just like encrypted P2Pe. Operations has the control over the data.

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Increased Customer Engagement

Targeted marketing campaign functionality with multiple means to communicate with loyalty program app users and card holders


Enhanced marketing visibility

Increased visibility of highest profile customers and their data used as a basis for informed marketing strategy.

Engage Your Customers With The Vivonet Cloud Platform

Talk to us about ways to use the cloud to improve customer experience, increase customer order volume, and build your brand using cloud-based technology.