Vivonet Labor Manager

Vivonet Labor Manager makes it easy to re-allocate staff in line with critical daypart information, forecasting, and overall sales data for the best use of labor expenditures.

This integrated, cloud-based application helps organizations to match the best people with the busiest times, all in a coherent and attractive interface. This gives management the clarity and above-store control needed to gain maximum ROI in every location.


Discover the True Value of Labor Using Your Data

Data-driven back of house management is a vital way to discover the true value of your labor investment. Scheduling the right people at the right time to drive sales and build your brand is a delicate balancing act. Vivonet Labor Manager gives you a solid and informed basis to strike that balance, helping you define the best way to invest in your people to the betterment of individual and multiple locations.

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Easy, cloud-based access

Cloud-based reporting lends supreme flexibility. Review, monitor, and reallocate labor anywhere you have an internet connection.

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Sales forecasting integration

Store-specific sales forecasts automatically flow into Vivonet Labor Reporting to connect labor and scheduling to sales strategy.

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Robust scheduling optimization tools

Real-time above-store and in-store reporting to optimize staffing levels to critical daypart activities to optimize value of labor.

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Clarity and control

Graphically displayed, easy to read schedules allow management of constraints including labor for part-time and minors.

Elevate Your Business With The Vivonet Cloud Platform

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