Vivonet Kiosk

Versatile and feature-rich, engaging customers, shortening wait times, and increasing customer satisfaction. Learn about how Vivonet Kiosk can lend your operations time and resource savings that can make a vital difference to your business in a competitive industry.


Revolutionizing The Customer Experience

The Vivonet Kiosk is at the cutting edge of food services technology in all kinds of settings from QSRs to large venue concessions, to hotel pantries, and all points in between. Featuring dual mode functionality to turn the kiosk into a POS for staff when needed, Vivonet Kiosk offers an optimal level of functionality and versatility, all while enhancing customer experience along the way.


Dual-mode functionality

Functions efficiently as a self-serve kiosk for customers and as a POS for staff when need arises.

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Out-of-the-box integration

Integrates seamlessly with POS, kitchen automation, loyalty and rewards, for a flawless experience that delights your customers.

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Designed to adapt to numerous use-cases and consumer applications, from housing to peripherals and more.

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Attractive and modern

Built on next-generation Windows platform for an intuitive and innovative experience for improved consumer engagement.

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Engage Your Customers With The Vivonet Cloud Platform

Talk to us about ways to use the cloud to improve customer experience, increase customer order volume, and build your brand using cloud-based technology.