Vivonet Self-Serve Kiosk

Vivonet Self-Serve Kiosk lends empowerment to guests and efficiency to operations, integrated in the cloud with POS, enterprise management solutions, back of house applications, and hotel PMS.

It’s time to explore how Vivonet Self-Serve Kiosk can help your business increase throughput, shorten wait times, and capture more revenue without adding to existing operating costs.


Empowered Guests, Enhanced Operations

Vivonet Self-Serve Kiosk provides a new channel for food services management organizations, hotel brands, and full and quick service restaurants to create faster, and more profitable operations. Vivonet Self-Serve Kiosk helps organizations meet new consumer expectations and contributes real data to inform more scalable strategy to serve them better.



An intuitive interface that welcomes guests and makes self-ordering as simple as can be.

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Out-of-the-box integration

Integrates seamlessly with POS, kitchen automation, loyalty and rewards, for a flawless experience that delights your customers.

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Designed to adapt to numerous use-cases and consumer applications, from housing to peripherals and more.

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Attractive and modern design

Offered with a range of sleekly designed hardware options to add visual flair to any space.

Engage Your Customers With The Vivonet Cloud Platform

Talk to us about ways to use the cloud to improve customer experience, increase customer order volume, and build your brand using cloud-based technology.