Powerful Technology to Serve You in the Cloud

It's easier than ever to administer your secure incoming data, plan your strategy, and serve your budgetary targets. Just do it in real time in the cloud.

A Unified Vision for Food Services Operations

More operational efficiency. Tight data security. More visibility and control over costs. Better food services management.

PCI compliancy and stringent security structures

Maximum emphasis on the protection of all private information at every point in the data collection process.

Easy administrative insights to streamline costs

Clear and easy real-time analysis on food costs, waste, labor, and inventory management to inform efficiency measures.

Seamless employee program integration

Open API allows easy integration of employee discounts and meal plan applications.

Cross-platform compatibility

New technology and legacy systems can be connected into one unified technology ecosystem.


Secure Solutions Using the Power of the Cloud

With smoother operations, clearer data analysis, and less waste, Vivonet helps you realize your vision.


Vivonet Cloud POS

Enables food service staff to quickly master intuitive interfaces that connect to secure real-time payment processing and data collection operations.


Vivonet Enterprise Manager

Gathers all incoming data into a centralized application for heightened understanding of trends relating to food costs, labor, inventory, and waste information.

Integrations icon.png

Vivonet Integrations

Connects legacy hardware and existing third-party apps together via an open API for seamless integrations with existing programs.


Vivonet Kiosk

Diversifies the way that staff and visitors place orders and interact with cafeteria menus, decreasing down times, long lines, and order errors


Governmental food services organizations we work with.