Vivonet Food Cost Reporting

Visibility and control over food costs is a fundamental factor to growing your hospitality business. Vivonet Food Cost Reporting helps you to turn what your data is telling you into an actionable strategy to elevate your business to the next level.

Learn more below about how Vivonet Food Cost Reporting can help you define what food cost management success looks like.


Achieving Clarity on Food Cost Data

What’s hiding in your data? Vivonet Food Cost Reporting helps you find out, making it easier to know what your data is telling you about forecasting, consumption, and waste and how to reduce and better manage actual vs theoretical variance across multiple locations. This is high-quality business intelligence you can use right away.

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Automated sales forecasting

Gain immediate automated intelligence in various time increments on costs for individual and multiple locations, including daily variance reporting.

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Hassle-free recipe management

Vivonet helps you manage all your recipes and ingredient pricing for multiple locations in one central application, integrated with food vendors and updated regularly.

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Intelligent production planning

Always serve fresh, high-quality products to your customers with our prep and production tools Integrated with store-specific sales projections.

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Precise waste reduction

Detailed waste reduction visibility with multiple intervals to track it, monitor real-time results, and make informed money-saving adjustments.

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