Vivonet Enterprise Manager

Vivonet's proprietary cloud-based management control center opens up the possibilities with precise data analysis capabilities. Real-time data is vital for success in a highly competitive and quickly changing industry. Let us show you how to use your data to scale your business and to take informed action to meet your goals.


Real-Time Data Leads The Way

Vivonet Enterprise Manager is your prime navigation device to help you get where you want to go when it comes to actionable, real-time data. Connecting to your POS system, Vivonet Enterprise Manager unifies your data, updating your POS while also collecting vital incoming transactional information at the same time. Vivonet Enterprise Manager is your single source of truth that you can trust to inform business strategy and intelligence.

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Single Point of Management

Enterprise Manager represents a single point of management over menu, pricing, promotions, payments, and other vital elements.

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Creating actionable initiatives

Real-time data connected to POS can be actioned faster and more intelligently all through a single interface

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Reportable insights

Easy reporting to track the data of multiple menu items and related transactional activity.

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Unifying data from multiple locations

Robust capabilities to bring together transactional data from multiple sources to tell a unified story.

Elevate Your Business With The Vivonet Cloud Platform

Talk to us about ways to use real-time data to inform business strategy, gain market insight, and scale your business using cloud-based technology.