Vivonet Dual-Mode Kiosk

Flexible and versatile, the Vivonet Dual Mode Kiosk allows organizations to efficiently manage labor resources while maintaining a superior level of customer service.

Converting from POS to kiosk in seconds, the Vivonet Dual Mode Kiosk is at the forefront of hospitality innovation.

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A Technology Solution That Does Double Duty

The Vivonet Dual Mode Kiosk is a revolutionary new solution for the hospitality industry. Offering the familiarity of a standard POS terminal, the Dual Mode Kiosk can be rotated 180 degrees quickly and easily to a self-serve kiosk, allowing customers to complete orders themselves without disrupting the guest experience.


Dual-mode functionality

Unique design allows for the terminal to quickly rotate 180 degrees without the fuss of any additional cable or peripheral changes.

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Out-of-the-box integration

Integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, including loyalty and payment processors, for a superior experience for your guests.

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Efficient Labor Allocation

Let guests serve themselves when a cashier isn't needed, and allocate these resources to more profitable areas of the business.

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Flexible and modern UI

Intuitive software that adapts based on whether being used as a traditional POS or for customer self-ordering

Engage Your Customers With The Vivonet Cloud Platform

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