Vivonet Cloud POS

Vivonet Cloud POS gives you control over incoming data from multiple revenue centers and seamlessly integrated payment and loyalty applications.This control extends to global pricing adjustments, menu additions, promotions, and other vital operational information.

Let us show you how Vivonet Cloud POS can help you scale your business to stay in step and go beyond the competition.

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Stable, Secure and Scalable Cloud-Based POS

Vivonet Cloud POS is at the heart of the Vivonet Cloud Platform, securely connecting to industry-leading loyalty and payment integrations, kitchen display, and real-time data collection and reporting. Vivonet POS centralizes operational control that is designed to seamlessly connect multiple sites and revenue centers together, breaking down barriers to operations while maximizing business intelligence, too.


Innovative and Accessible Interface

Training is easy and operations are even smoother.


Secure PCI Compliant Transactions.

Personal information safely transferred through P2P encryption.

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Integration Expertise

Seamlessly connected to industry-leading loyalty, payment, and other applications for maximum scalability.

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Connects FOH with BOH

Real-time data collection turns consumer interactions into informed business strategy.

Empower Operations With The Vivonet Cloud Platform

Talk to us about ways to improve operational efficiencies, increase customer order volume, and streamline processes using cloud-based technology.