The Bottom Line On Food Services Operations Technology

Cloud-based technology is changing the way that food services operations are approached and managed. Find out what's driving the trend.

The Vivonet Cloud Platform Gives You The Advantage

Precise business intelligence. More efficient operations. Greater control over costs. Vivonet puts it all into your hands. This is in addition to seamless integration with employee meal plans that make it easier for them to engage when in on-site food services centers like cafeterias and shops. This helps you to add a vital layer to a vibrant company culture, too.

Cross-platform compatibility

Hardware and software old and new brought into one unified technology ecosystem for easy scalability.

Administrative capabilities to streamline costs

Top view real-time cost management capabilities including on food costs, waste, labor, and inventory for greater efficiency and control.

PCI compliancy and robust security features

Maximum data protection of all private information at every point in the data collection process.

Seamless employee program integration

Open API allows for existing third-party applications and programs for fast and easy integration; meal plans, discounts, etc.


Scalable Solutions with the Vivonet Cloud Platform

Investing in data-driven intelligence is the next step in food service management evolution. The right tools will get you there.


Vivonet Kiosk

Allows diners the option to pay for items themselves without long line-ups during slow times to save on labor costs.


Vivonet Enterprise Manager

Segments all incoming data easily from multiple collection points to improve reporting and help inform strategy.

Integrations icon.png

Vivonet Integrations

Brings all apps and existing programs and functions together seamlessly into a single and scalable technology ecosystem.


Vivonet Cloud POS

Connects service operations to vital and secure payment processing functionality, all with intuitive interfaces that staff can use right out of the box.


Business and institutional food services companies we work with.