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Welcome To The New Vivonet "Industry Insights" Section

Posted on Tue, Jan 03, 2017 @ 06:01 AM

Tue, Jan 03, 2017 @ 06:01 AM

 By Rob Jones, Vivonet Industry Insights Editor.

Vivonet has been away for a while when it's come to regular posts about cloud technology, POS, and the hospitality and food services industries. But that is about to change and for the better.

Maybe you're wondering why we've been away so long. Well, the fact is we really wanted to get serious about the kinds of things we want to talk about here in this section we formerly referred to as our blog. Now with the wider title of "Industry Insights" we're aiming to serve a wider segment of the hospitality sector that is being transformed by cloud technology.


We wanted to think about and actually produce resources that people in the industries we serve are really looking to find to lend them perspective on the technology they're investing in. We particularly wanted to talk more about the cloud; how it impacts your business, and why you should absolutely invest in it to scale your business into the future. That's always been Vivonet's passion. We wanted to let you in our our culture here at Vivonet, too. In short, we want to bring you into our world a bit more than before.

Sharing our expertise at Vivonet

A big part of that effort started by looking inside our organization. We took the expertise and the aforementioned passion about the cloud that so many of our people represent, and let that lead our conversation about what we wanted to talk about most. We needed to shake things up a bit around here web-wise, too. This has meant planning a re-fit of the "blog" section, which as I mentioned is now called "Industry Insights" (at least for now!).

It's meant sitting down with our in-house industry experts and talking to them about what they're thinking about, working on, dreaming up. These are busy people! But since they are also passionate about what they're doing, they jumped at the chance to let you all into their worlds a bit more by sharing their expertise here.

Vivonet's new editor

Oh, I'm half-way through this post. I should probably introduce myself. Where are my manners?

I'm Rob. I'm the new editor here, sort of an Emcee. I will be the one making sure that you will get to hear what we at Vivonet are passionate about, and that is most relevant to you and your business.

We're planning to expand what you'll find here.  Beyond blog posts, this will mean more case studies, white papers, infographics, video, and other bits and pieces that will add to your perspective on the cloud and how it is revolutionizing the way the hospitality and food services industries do business.

An exciting era for cloud-based hospitality

This is an exciting new era for us at Vivonet. Things are changing fast for 2017. Even here, I'm sure we'll be adding features and tackling new topics that we haven't even thought about yet as I write this.

But wherever the trends take us (or wherever we take the trends!) when it comes to cloud-based technology as it dovetails with restaurants, hotels, and the food services industries, we hope what you find here will help you ride the wave.

Thanks for joining us!


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Rob Jones

Written by Rob Jones

Rob is the editor of Vivonet Industry Insights, and Content Marketing Specialist.

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