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Five creative ways your restaurant can use Vivonet Kiosk

Posted on Mon, Oct 27, 2014 @ 11:10 AM

Mon, Oct 27, 2014 @ 11:10 AM

With Vivonet Kiosk’s cellular compatibility there is literally no limit to where you can set up your Kiosk to reach a new consumer segment, boost sales and increase your restaurant’s exposure. Vivonet Kiosk gives you the flexibility to go to your consumers instead of them having to come to you. Check out the list below to help get your creative juices flowing and find out how your restaurant can take advantage of this low footprint self-ordering product. 

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1. Outside stadiums during an event, sports match, conference or concert.
Why:  Because it’s the perfect opportunity to gain exposure to between 40,000 and 100,000 people within a very short span of time.  If your restaurant’s location is on the way home for the event attendees this strategy would be extremely effective.

How: Have your staff stand outside with the Kiosk to order for your consumers or set up a temporary stand. Make sure to be there for the end of the event to get the attention of hungry patrons who are sick of overpriced, unhealthy stadium food. 

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2. Downtown at lunch or after work.
Why: This strategy is a no brainer. Big corporate buildings downtown are full of people who are always looking for something different and fast to eat, especially when they are under a tight schedule.

How: Place your Kiosks in or near a busy corporate building and you can constantly be a convenient reminder to consumers.  Staff can order and pay from work and by the time they arrive at your restaurant their food will be ready for take-out or eat in.

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3. Beside lineups at Airport, Festivals or Fairs.
Why: There is nothing better than the thought of food when you are trying to wait patiently in line, or the thought that hot food will be paid for and waiting for you when you get through the line. This convenient strategy will help antsy people cope and will help your restaurant process more people in less time.

How: Is your restaurant in an airport or integrated into a festival, fair or event? Now is your chance to grab the much-needed attention of a potential consumer. Temporarily or permanently set up your Kiosk beside a security line, popular booth line or concession line and watch your sales go through the roof.

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4. Mall entrances and thoroughfares
Why: If you have a full service restaurant in a mall or are looking to differentiate yourself from your competitors in a food court this strategy is perfect for you. Be the first restaurant that comes to mind before your potential consumer hits the oversaturated food court.

How: Set-up your Kiosk at the side of a mall entrance or a thoroughfares within a permanent enclosure. This way your consumer can order and pay for their food, do a little shopping or some errands and can skip the line and save time before they eat. Kiosk can also be set up beside mall playgrounds and coffee shops.

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5.  Down the street from your Food Cart or Truck.
Why: We all know food carts and trucks are a great way to set up shop at locations that make purchasing easy and convenient for your consumers. Vivonet Kiosk let’s you double or triple your exposure in order to garner even more attention from high traffic areas.

How:  With Vivonet Kiosk you can add a significant amount of depth to your Food Cart or Truck strategy. Place your Kiosk on one end of a high traffic area and have your food cart or truck on the other. People passing by can order from the Kiosk from one end and then food will be ready and prepped when they get to the food cart truck. This can be extremely effective for outdoor areas like high traffic bike and park routes, beaches, festivals and parades.

6. BONUS STRATEGY: Chicken Suit
Why: Because you can.

How: Make sure your iPad’s batteries are fully charged, find and purchase a chicken suit or your choice of costume and fashion a necklace to your Vivonet Kiosk iPad. After all these steps are taken you will truly be ready to roam the streets in high populated areas around your restaurant and get a massive amount of attention. Who wouldn’t want to order their convenient meal off of the bling of a 6 foot tall chicken.


We are happy to say that many Vivonet clients have already been using Vivonet Kiosk off-site and we can’t wait for the Vivonet community to push the boundaries of what Vivonet Kiosk can do in the future. To learn more about the advantages of our consumer self-ordering product check out our Vivonet Kiosk Video update starring our very own Product Manager superstar Jason Tomljanovic here.

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