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Vivonet announces a brand new consumer self-ordering product; Vivonet Kiosk!

Posted on Wed, Jan 08, 2014 @ 13:01 PM

Wed, Jan 08, 2014 @ 13:01 PM

Vivonet Kiosk - Restaurant POS
Our team is excited to release a major Vivonet breakthrough with an entire new product. If your restaurant is looking for new innovative ways to engage your customers, get rid of line ups and give your staff more time to move your restaurant forward, this new product should spark your interest.

Vivonet Kiosk is a branded iPad application that helps restaurant consumers browse a restaurant menu, place an order and pay their tab. All three steps take only minutes and no server or staff member is required. The payment is processed through the credit card reader attached to the Kiosk.

1.    Browse a restaurant menu
2.    Place an order
3.    Pay

The new product operates in unison with Vivonet’s cloud POS systems, making it easy for restaurateurs to access all their POS reporting data from one streamlined source. 

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Vivonet Kiosk can live and breathe your brand with:
•    Your logo placed throughout the application
•    Customizable menu images
•    Customizable splash pages
•    Your own custom menu built your way

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Unlike a cashier or a server, Vivonet Kiosk never forgets to upsell, allowing more customers to add value to their orders. When a user chooses an item with additional modifiers, they are automatically encouraged to select their preferred option.

Here are some more of Vivonet Kiosk’s great features.

  • Runs on iOS 7 iPads and integrates to Enterprise Manager, the insightful Vivonet reporting system.
  • Your customers can browse any website you choose while ordering their food with our web browsing option.
  • Vivonet Kiosk is low footprint, low cost and can help your restaurant optimize labor costs by focusing staff on other business functions.
  • The Vivonet Kiosk menu is re-usable in Vivonet Mobile, our consumer Mobile ordering application for Android and iOS. 


To view more information about Vivonet Kiosk please log on to the Vivonet Kiosk webpage

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