Consumer Solutions

Engage more consumers. Give them the opportunities, the tools, and even more reasons to become champions of your brand.

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Operational Solutions

Empower your staff. Streamline your operations using robust integration applications, cloud-based POS and hardware solutions for maximum efficiency and productivity.

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Enterprise Solutions

Elevate your business and brand. Gain access to powerful business intelligence tools to hone your strategy as informed by vital incoming data.

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The Vivonet Cloud Platform Serves Your Industry

We operate seamlessly to serve the needs of a wide spectrum of hospitality, restaurant, and food services industries.

Add Our Advanced Expertise to Yours

Contact one of our industry experts to take the next steps to greater customer engagement, staff empowerment, and elevation of your business.

A Smarter More Scalable Business In The Cloud

When it comes to building a smart, data-driven business, Vivonet has what you're looking for.


The Vivonet Cloud Platform makes vital incoming data accessible in real time from wherever you are. Your business becomes faster and smarter instantly.

Stable & Secure

PCI compliance means the integrity of your data is protected and maintained at every stage from POS, to payments, to reporting. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Ready for Growth

The Vivonet Cloud Platform is designed to scale. No matter what direction technology takes you in the future, you'll be ready for it.


From top level reporting to granular deep-dives, the Vivonet Cloud Platform empowers you to explore your data with laser precision.

Simple & Efficient

The Vivonet Cloud Platform is intuitive and user-friendly. This means less time spent on training and administration, more time building your business.

Seamless & Scalable

All Vivonet products and integrations are designed to help you to create a whole solution, working together and in conjunction with other systems.

Create a Frictionless Experience with Leading Technology Partners

Our established partnerships with the industry's leading technology providers means happy customers, productive staff, and smooth operations. Integrations are seamless with Vivonet.

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