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Restaurant POS - Secure Transactions

Merchant security breaches have been in the newspapers, on TV and radio – Are you prepared?

"The foodservice industry has the highest level of security compromise cases than any other industry, with 62% of all foodservice operations reporting security comprise cases." Ambiron TrustWave

Get Secure with Vivonet POS


Vivonet’s secure web-based POS system protects you from security breaches by keeping your information safe and secure.

Vivonet's POS is Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS certified, enabling our customers to be Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard compliant.

“Through our PA-DSS compliance Vivonet makes security the highest priority. Vivonet is committed to protecting our clients from financial risk and loss of consumer confidence in addition to ensuring the safety of their customers’ data,” states Ryan Volberg - President, Chief Executive Officer of Vivonet.


Payment Application Data Security and You


Each year merchant and financial institutions lose BILLIONS of dollars to credit card fraudsters and identity thieves.
"The foodservice industry has the highest level of security compromise cases than any other industry, with 62% of all foodservice operations reporting security comprise cases."

Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) - are standards set out by the Payment Card Industry governing POS software applications that store, process and transmit cardholder information.


Vivonet POS is PA-DSS Compliant


PA-DSS compliancy is an element of Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). PCI has 12 requirements that detail the standards for all merchants on how to securely store and handle credit-card information. These standards have been mandated by all the credit card providers and all merchants must be compliant with the PCI-DSS standard.

The consequences of not operating a PA-DSS compliant system are severe.

Without a PA-DSS compliant POS, you are putting your business at risk of receiving thousands of dollars in fines.

Merchants that are not compliant with PCI-DSS are not able to process integrated credit transactions through their POS.

Merchant Responsibilities

  • Implement a PA-DSS compliant POS, in a secure environment.
  • Comply with the PCI-DSS standard by completing the PCI-DSS Self Assessment Questionnaire annually.
  • Have networks tested regularly by subscribing to a Payment Card Industry Visa Approved Scanning Vendor’s services.

PA-DSS System Features

  1. Does not retain full magnetic stripe, card verification code or value (CAV2, CID, CVC2, CVV2), or PIN block data.
  2. Protects stored cardholder data.
  3. Provides secure authentication features.
  4. Logs payment application activity.
  5. Payment application is secure.
  6. All wireless transmissions are protected.
  7. Payment application is tested to address vulnerabilities.
  8. Cardholder data is never stored on a server connected to the Internet.
  9. Facilitates secure remote access to payment application.
  10. Encrypts sensitive traffic over public networks.
  11. Encrypts all non-console administrative access.
  12. Maintain instructional documentation and training programs for customers, resellers, and integrators.


To secure customers credit card information and reduce the risk of credit card breaches. Credit card fraud occurs in many ways, including but not limited to thieves gaining access to sensitive data that is stored insecurely and unencrypted.

If a breach occurs, or card holder data is suspected to be compromised, the merchant is liable for any audit fees & fines. The total cost of a breach to a level 4 merchant can be greater than one hundred thousand dollars not to mention the negative PR caused from media attention.

For more information, visit the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council’s website or read the PCI-DSS requirements.