Kiosk - Branded on the iPad

Drive More Revenue

Kiosks never forget to upsell 

Studies have shown customers to spend 10-15% more on self-service kiosks than they would with a regular cashier, as customers do not feel as rushed and have more time to be upsold. 



kiosk - web browsing

Serve Your Customers Quicker

Less lineups equals more volume 

Speed and efficiency can be the lifeblood of a restaurant and faster a line is moving, the less likely it is that people will choose another restaurant.


kiosk - multyfunctional

Cut Down on Incorrect Orders

No room for confusion

Inaccurate orders can cost a business both time and money. The Vivonet Windows Kiosk removes the opportunity for miscommunication by allowing the customer to place the order themselves. 


Big savings with Kiosk

Big savings

Bring in more customers and save money on operating costs

Up-front capital costs are recovered quickly, making the kiosks a revenue center with maximum profitability and minimal ongoing additional costs.


Kiosk - integrated reporting

Integrated reporting

Know your customer with our Data

Follow your customeres ordering journey from start to finish. The Vivonet Windows Kiosk opens up a multitude of new tracking and reporting opportunities to optomize your business