online ordering

Branded Application

Your Restaurant’s Brand in your customers pockets

Want to be in the App Store™ Android™ Market and on your customers’ smartphones? By Using Vivonet Mobile you will have a custom branded application on your customer’s mobile device. Your customer will recognize you as a leader in the mobility movement every time they pull their phone out of their pocket to order from you.


online ordering

Payment Acceptance

Mobile transactions as easy as pie

Not only do your clients get to order online with Vivonet’s mobile system, they get to pay for it as well. All they have to do when they pickup their food is show their smart phone to confirm. It’s super fast, guaranteed secure and it’s the beginning of a revolution in the restaurant industry. Your customers can chose to either pay on their credit card or a gift card.


online ordering

Customizable Pickup Times

Lines are a thing of the past

Are your customers busy? Do they like to plan ahead? Now they can from anywhere on their mobile device. Our mobile pick up feature allows consumers to specify a customizable pick up time. This saves customers time and helps you manage your resources throughout the day. Best of all, your customers can walk into your restaurant and skip the line after placing their order days, hours or minutes before they pick up. Nobody likes waiting in lines; with Online Ordering your customers don’t have to.


mobile pos


A mobile system that grows with your restaurants

Once you have Online Ordering set up with Vivonet we can quickly and easily convert your tablet base station into a fully functional POS system and no additional hardware is needed. Or, why not add some additional tablets for remote ordering? Halo is only limited by your imagination. All it takes is one call to make the switch. Easily converting to a POS system is just one of the many ways our online system grows with you. Learn more about Vivonet’s fast, reliable, easy and insightful cloud based POS systems.


online ordering

Online Ordering Insights

Know your Customer with our Data

Want up to the minute information about your customers? With our Online Ordering mobile solutions your restaurant’s customer’s information is captured and can be used to drive repeat business, create insight into purchasing trends and to understand consumer behavior. Want to know what your consumers are up to? With our new Online Ordering system we can tell you.