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Five creative ways your restaurant can use Vivonet Kiosk

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With Vivonet Kiosk’s cellular compatibility there is literally no limit to where you can set up your Kiosk to reach a new consumer segment, boost sales and increase your restaurant’s exposure. Vivonet Kiosk gives you the flexibility to go to your consumers instead of them having to come to you. Check out the list below to help get your creative juices flowing and find out how your restaurant can take advantage of this low footprint self-ordering product. 

More than 1,000,000 transactions processed through active Vivonet POS systems yesterday

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Thanks to all our clients for making this possible! Vivonet reached a huge milestone by passing 1,000,000 transactions a day, three days out of seven this week. Vivonet also processed  $7,800,000 dollars worth of transactions in one day. This is a huge achievement and we are happy to say these numbers have only been growing steadily. On behalf of the Vivonet Team we would like to thank every client for your continued partnership. Without your commitment and collaboration this would not have been possible.

Demo Vivonet Kiosk on your iPad now with Vivonet Cafe

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Interested in Vivonet Kiosk but want to know more about the consumer experience? 

CEO Blog: How Kiosks can help address the labour shortage

CEO Ryan Volberg at Vivonet

A word from Vivonet's CEO Ryan Volberg: How consumer self-ordering can help restaurants address the labour shortage

In June 2014, the Canadian Federal Government modified the Temporary Foreign Workers Program, which made the challenge of finding quality staff even more difficult for restaurants. Since the program change, many restaurants in Canada have been forced to search for scarce local candidates. To manage this challenge, restaurateurs are now looking for new ways to adapt to the sparse labour market while continuing to meet guest expectations.  

Some of these restaurateurs are finding that picking the right POS technology can make all the difference. The traditional POS terminal helps increase automation but still requires an employee to run, which is difficult to find during the labour shortage and can cost restaurants $25,000 - $30,000 a year. Some chains and independent restaurants are taking advantage of the decreasing cost of tablets and the increase in consumers’ comfort with the technology. The Applebee’s chain is a great example of the increasing adoption of customer self-ordering systems. Applebee’s recently announced that they will be rolling out 100,000 table-top customer self-ordering tablets that will allow customers to browse nutritional information and the web, enter their own orders, play games, and even pay their bill. The results are higher average cheques, reduced labour costs and increased table turns. It’s an impressive business case that the entire industry can benefit from.

[Product Tip] How to use the Employee Sales Mix Report

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Are you running a promo and looking to give your staff incentives to push promotional items? The employee sales mix report is a great way to keep track of individual products sold by each of your employees. This report can be used to quickly pull data on individual employees and see where they rank among others by showcasing specific item sales numbers. The Employee Sales Mix report will help your restaurant carry out contests to inspire staff members and motivate your staff to up-sell items with high margins. The report lets you see which staff members are most effective at selling the items that you really want your guests to purchase. 

Vivonet get’s a cloud based shout out from Thomas Cuisine

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In a recent Hospitality Technology Article Vivonet was mentioned by Thomas Cuisine as their choice to upgrade their system and leverage the cloud.

Kiosk 1.1 Video Update: Cellular Compatibility and more


Vivonet POS 1.15: New Hardware Compatibility and more

Citizen Printer and HP Tablet

Check out the details of all the great new Vivonet POS 1.15 features below:

Vivonet Kiosk 1.1 Release: Cellular compatibility and more great new features

Vivonet Kiosk 1.1 Release

Vivonet Kiosk 1.1 Release: Cellular compatibility and more great new features

The Vivonet team recently launched the newest version of our Vivonet Kiosk product! The Kiosk 1.1 release adds iOS cellular compatibility, as well as a variety of other new features that help restaurants place the product into operating environments like stadiums, airports, food trucks, as well as quick and table service dining.

Employee Spotlight: Ryan Banks + Cash Giveaway

Banks Spotlight

Vivonet's Employee Spotlight is back! This week we are featuring Ryan Banks.

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