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Vivonet's video shoot: The beginning of a strong video-based brand.

Vivonet Brand video shoot - alec
Last week Vivonetters from all departments contributed to Vivonet’s first big video production shoot. The productions purpose is to create a promotional video, which accurately portrays Vivonet’s advantages in the POS market. Advantages such as; state of the art reporting, unrivaled customer service, employees who know the restaurant industry inside and out and omni-channel POS solutions that help restaurant’s reach a larger consumer base.

We can now implement our cloud POS systems into hotels with HTNG standards compatibility.


Vivonet received an approval to support hotel environments with our omni-channel POS solutions! The successful Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) compatibility was made possible by an approved certification with PAR Springer-Miller Property Management systems.
The new PAR Springer-Miller integration will enable Vivonet to add various hotel-based features to their POS solutions.

The first Vivonet impromptu customer feedback tour: VivoTour!

vivonet pos products and customer services

Yesterday five enthusiastic Vivonetters toured four different Vivonet clients’ restaurants around the Kitsilano area in Vancouver, Canada. The purpose of the VivoTour was to not only support our clients but to gain candid, honest and unfiltered feedback about our cloud pos products and customer services.

Vivonet announces a brand new consumer self-ordering product; Vivonet Kiosk!

Vivonet Kiosk - Restaurant POS

Our team is excited to release a major Vivonet breakthrough with an entire new product. If your restaurant is looking for new innovative ways to engage your customers, get rid of line ups and give your staff more time to move your restaurant forward, this new product should spark your interest.

Vivonet Kiosk is a branded iPad application that helps restaurant consumers browse a restaurant menu, place an order and pay their tab. All three steps take only minutes and no server or staff member is required. The payment is processed through the credit card reader attached to the Kiosk.

May you have a holiday filled with insights and opportunities

Happy Holidays Xmas Card

Vivonet would like to extend a warm thank you to our clients, family and friends for all the support you have provided us in 2013. We’ve had a fantastic year full of new opportunities and we are happy to say we are constantly finding new ways to help restaurants grow.

Why Vivonet potlucks are always a great idea:

vivonet potluck 2

At Vivonet we pride ourselves in hiring people from the restaurant industry. Some have worked in the restaurant industry for up to 27 years before making the move to work on our POS solutions. Believe me when I say when we have a potluck it shows. Today every department from the Vivonet team shared food from different cultures and it was crockpotastic. We had 9 crockpots prepared with pork, soups and everything glorious.

Check out our client Pita Pit on the hit TV series Be The Boss!


We are very excited that one of our clients, “Pita Pit”, will be featured in an upcoming episode of Be The Boss!

Vivonet Announces Restaurant Accelerator Program

blog cloud

Vivonet launches the 2013 Accelerator Program (, a POS technology fund for multi-unit restaurants to accelerate their business growth. A total of $150,000 in POS technology credits will be awarded during 2013 to one or more applicants.

April 1 Restaurants in BC Move from HST to PST, Are You Ready?


On April 1, 2013, B.C. will replace the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) with the combination of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Provincial Sales Tax (PST). There are 3 things restaurants can do to prepare for the switch.

Nickel Rounding for Canadian Businesses

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As of February 4th, 2013, the Government is eliminating the penny from Canada’s coinage system and pennies will no longer be distributed to businesses or banks. Canadians can continue to use pennies to pay for things and the one-cent piece will retain its value indefinitely.

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