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[Product Tip] How to use the Employee Sales Mix Report

Employee sales mix report2

Are you running a promo and looking to give your staff incentives to push promotional items? The employee sales mix report is a great way to keep track of individual products sold by each of your employees. This report can be used to quickly pull data on individual employees and see where they rank among others by showcasing specific item sales numbers. The Employee Sales Mix report will help your restaurant carry out contests to inspire staff members and motivate your staff to up-sell items with high margins. The report lets you see which staff members are most effective at selling the items that you really want your guests to purchase. 

Vivonet get’s a cloud based shout out from Thomas Cuisine

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In a recent Hospitality Technology Article Vivonet was mentioned by Thomas Cuisine as their choice to upgrade their system and leverage the cloud.

Kiosk 1.1 Video Update: Cellular Compatibility and more


Vivonet POS 1.15: New Hardware Compatibility and more

Citizen Printer and HP Tablet

Check out the details of all the great new Vivonet POS 1.15 features below:

Vivonet Kiosk 1.1 Release: Cellular compatibility and more great new features

Vivonet Kiosk 1.1 Release

Vivonet Kiosk 1.1 Release: Cellular compatibility and more great new features

The Vivonet team recently launched the newest version of our Vivonet Kiosk product! The Kiosk 1.1 release adds iOS cellular compatibility, as well as a variety of other new features that help restaurants place the product into operating environments like stadiums, airports, food trucks, as well as quick and table service dining.

Employee Spotlight: Ryan Banks + Cash Giveaway

Banks Spotlight

Vivonet's Employee Spotlight is back! This week we are featuring Ryan Banks.

Employee Spotlight: Charles Crouch + Cash Giveaway

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Vivonet would like to welcome you to the first edition of our Employee Spotlight featuring, Charles Crouch, Enterprise Account Manager. This is an opportunity for you to connect with and learn about the staff that powers the software you use to run your restaurant to its fullest potential.  

Vivonet's video shoot: The beginning of a strong video-based brand.

Vivonet Brand video shoot - alec
Last week Vivonetters from all departments contributed to Vivonet’s first big video production shoot. The productions purpose is to create a promotional video, which accurately portrays Vivonet’s advantages in the POS market. Advantages such as; state of the art reporting, unrivaled customer service, employees who know the restaurant industry inside and out and omni-channel POS solutions that help restaurant’s reach a larger consumer base.

We can now implement our cloud POS systems into hotels with HTNG standards compatibility.


Vivonet received an approval to support hotel environments with our omni-channel POS solutions! The successful Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) compatibility was made possible by an approved certification with PAR Springer-Miller Property Management systems.
The new PAR Springer-Miller integration will enable Vivonet to add various hotel-based features to their POS solutions.

The first Vivonet impromptu customer feedback tour: VivoTour!

vivonet pos products and customer services

Yesterday five enthusiastic Vivonetters toured four different Vivonet clients’ restaurants around the Kitsilano area in Vancouver, Canada. The purpose of the VivoTour was to not only support our clients but to gain candid, honest and unfiltered feedback about our cloud pos products and customer services.

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