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What's Possible With Cloud POS?

Our promise is to make your restaurant run better backed by our ambition to provide you with great products and dedicated customer support.

Mobile POS


Ordering Apps

With Vivonet's Mobile Ordering Apps your customers can use their iOS, Android and mobile devices to find your restaurant, order, pay, and spread the word about your restaurant on social media. Your customers get faster service and your restaurant gets to boost sales by accessing a new group of mobile consumers. It's your restaurant's very own branded app in your customers' pocket.

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Restaurant POS


Standard | Tablet

Vivonet pioneered restaurant cloud based POS, so our systems were designed from the start to be easy to implement, low footprint, low maintenance and low cost. Over the last decade, Vivonet POS solutions have proven to achieve real restaurant results and continue to do so today by increasing your sales, service quality, customer loyalty, and ultimately boosting profits.

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Table-side POS - Kiosk


Self-Service | Table- Top

Vivonet's self-ordering Kiosk solution allows your customers to browse your menu, place an order and pay with their credit or gift card. It will help you increase profits by serving more customers in less time while decreasing labor costs. With cellular compatibility, our Kiosk solution allows you to get creative with this effective line-busting tool whether you're running a single store restaurant or a large sports arena.

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Keep track of the details and reap the rewards.

POS Reporting

With Enterprise Manager Vivonet clients can track and enhance customer loyalty, operation costs, food costs, internal costs, menu mix, and much, much more. Better reporting helps you understand your business performance and achieve results.

Easy POS Reporting

A fully integrated system

Vivonet's products are all fully integrated so you can set up once, and then easily add Mobile Ordering and Kiosk at any time.

Integrated POS Reporting

User friendly and intuitive

No need to be overwhelmed. Both Vivonet POS and Enterprise Manager are easy to use with reports that are user friendly to generate and assess.

Quick POS Reporting

Get accurate reports down to the second

Enterprise Manager reports are in real-time, meaning you can adjust your business during rush times to stay ahead of the curve.

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Restaurant People offering Restaurant Solutions.

With over 190 years of combined restaurant experience, our support, implementation, and account teams know the restaurant industry and have more passion for your success than any other POS provider.

POS Support

Endless support to get the job done

With 24/7/365 support, anytime is a good time to reach out to a Vivonetter. Our team is always there when you need us.

Vivonet POS Support

Back to business as usual

With our quick speed of answer and cloud accessibility we help resolve issues swiftly to get you off the phone and back to business.

POS Consulting

We teach you the tools that matter

Our services team has carried out thousands of successful implementations for every POS configuration under the sun.

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POS Support